The Golden Circle

This week in Design and Technology we were given a talk from the PDE department's own, Matt Marais.

Mat had an inspiring attitude towards the idea "failing better". After many unsuccessful attempts of starting his own creation through Kickstarter, Mats attitude towards failure has built the foundation of his Loki camera accessories business.

It felt like Mat's discovery of the Golden Circle by Simon Sinekby was a critical moment in defining his marketing technique.

As recommended by Mat, I sat down to watch Simon Sinekby's TED Talk. Sinekby demonstrates how many of the most successful organisations use such a simple yet powerful idea.

Your entire life revolves around the concept of selling. Everything you learn through school and university is to build on the "How". We develop important skills that make you stand out and become unique. The "Why" is how you convince people to hire you, believe in your designs and trust you. The "Why" defines you as a person.

Although the Golden Circle is branded a marketing technique, it's safe to say we all need to think about "Why" in our design process. Designers need a vision and a reason to create inspiring products.