Packaging Design

I’m reaching a stage in my current PDE project where packaging and branding is introduced into the design process.

After researching different options and packaging solutions, I’ve come to notice how important packaging is in creating a desirable, luxury product.

Do you own an apple product? Have you still got the packaging?

Apple have paved the way for high quality packaging in crating a sublime unboxing experience with their products. The quality of the packaging helps reinforce the quality of the product being unboxed.

“Packaging can be a theatre, It can create a story” - Steve Jobs

Fine tolerances, strong materials and beautifully clean edges help create a ritual around the unboxing experience. A consistent range of packing exists for every apple product keeping their brand image strong and desirable.

My Beats Studios headphones were the most satisfying product I’ve ever unboxed.

These were the first headphones to be released when Beats were bought over by Apple. I felt like the packaging recreated the aura of Apple products under another brand name.

The very solid feel box with magnets and detailed printing effects came in an external sleeve which focused on the marketing of the product while on the shelves.

Opening this product felt like you were opening a box containing the greatest headphones ever developed, even if they were average at best. The branding and quality gives the user a sense of expectation and worth for a product that has yet to be tested.

But Apple aren't the only ones producing great packaging design.

The packaging doesn't always have to be luxurious for it to be a great design. I recently bought myself an Arduino Uno Starter Pack, and I must compliment the branding and the overall cleanliness of the packaging. All the individual parts are tucked into a jigsaw puzzle of boxes.

Each box is illustrated with a common graphic theme that is instantly identifiable under the Arduino branding. It’s an elegant design that reflects the customisation of the Arduino product through the unboxing process. This form of packaging also allows for storage of the product throughout its lifespan, allowing easy transportation and an organised storage solution.

How may people use their bulky MacBook Pro packaging for transportation over a sleek laptop sleeve? The Arduino packaging is great for function throughout the life of the product.

GoPro take a different approach to the marketing & branding of their products.

The physical camera is on display to illustrate the size, robustness and quality of the product. This works perfectly for their target market of action and adventure sports. The Strong plastic casing also helps generate the satisfying unboxing ritual and creates a mindset of luxury.

Although the Arduino, Apple, Beats and GoPro product I've just mentioned come in a simple box form, packaging can be a lot more creative and unique.

I want to find a unique packaging solution that reflects the same element of desire and complements the overall form of the product. I feel like this is best achieved with the features of my product on display, not enclosed in a luxurious box.