Nintendo Switch

Yesterday Nintendo released a teaser for the new Switch console due to be released March 2017.

The video they released is very effective in illustrating the user experience with the console. The concept of a portable console that can be docked and allows multiplayer mode while in transit is revolutionary.

This video nearly leaves me intrigued as to how Nintendo are going to execute such a versatile device.

How will the Battery life last on the go?
Does the screen resolution change between docking to save battery?
Are the graphics consistent with the portable device and when its docked?
How will the graphics compare to consoles like the Playstation and Xbox purely developed for home entertainment?
How ergonomic are the micro controllers in portable mode?
How will they adapt a home entertainment systems user interface for a portable device?

Nintendo have a lot of questions to answer before this release. Executing these features to a competitive level is in my opinion essential in order for the Switch to be “great design”.

As it stands, I believe the overall concept of the Switch is great user centred design. The final product however in these situations never seem to live up to the concept.